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We believe a fellowship is an opportunity which improves/enhances the medical training, therefore improves patient care.
In collaboration with the VSAO-Basel (Association of Swiss Residents and Consultants) we have launched the world's first free fellowships’ encyclopedia from doctors & researchers which is built from the ground up according to their needs.
It's an Evidence Based Platform (EBP) with >1200 fellowships worldwide.

Our mission is to connect doctors/researchers and fellowships/observerships around the world with a secure and convenient web platform.
We make fellowships more accessible and scientists/institutes happier.

It's an open source encyclopedia. Doctors/Researchers can add a fellowship which they completed and/or their feedback.
Future fellows can contact previous fellows and fellowship providers regarding a fellowship/PhD program.
Fellowship providers can add their fellowships to the platform and connect to previous and potential fellows.

The Multi-disciplinary Breast Cancer Fellowship

Breast PathologyOncologyBreast imagingBreast Oncology

Fellowship In Gynecological Pathology At Sunnybrook

Specialization(s) Gynecological pathology

University of Toronto Radiation Oncology Fellowship

Specialization(s) Radiation oncology

Trauma/Critical Care Anaesthesia Fellowship

Specialization(s) Critical care medicine

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