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We believe a fellowship is an opportunity which improves/enhances the medical training, therefore improves patient care.
In collaboration with the VSAO-Basel (Association of Swiss Residents and Consultants) we have launched the world's first free fellowships’ encyclopedia from doctors & researchers which is built from the ground up according to their needs.
It's an Evidence Based Platform (EBP) with >1200 fellowships worldwide.

Our mission is to connect doctors/researchers and fellowships/observerships around the world with a secure and convenient web platform.
We make fellowships more accessible and scientists/institutes happier.

It's an open source encyclopedia. Doctors/Researchers can add a fellowship which they completed and/or their feedback.
Future fellows can contact previous fellows and fellowship providers regarding a fellowship/PhD program.
Fellowship providers can add their fellowships to the platform and connect to previous and potential fellows.

Fellowship In Gynecological Pathology At Sunnybrook

Gynecological pathology

University of Toronto Radiation Oncology Fellowship

Specialization(s) Radiation oncology

Trauma/Critical Care Anaesthesia Fellowship

Specialization(s) Critical care medicine

Obstetrical Anaesthesia Fellowship

Specialization(s) Obstetric Anaesthesia

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