Advisory Board

PD Dr. med. Alexandre Lädermann

Shoulder and Elbow Surgeon, Geneva, Switzerland. " connects the right people together, we need to do this!" Sept 2019

Prof. Bassem T. Elhassan

Upper Extremity Surgeon, Mayo Clinic, USA "it is important and vital to connect past fellows and future fellows together" Sept 2019

Mr. David Temperli

Online visibility expert, Canada/Switzerland "from my personal experience, a global exchange of medical knowledge and expertise is an absolute must to ensure the best care for patients" Sept 2019

Prof. R. Geoff Richards

Director AO Research Institute Davos "MY-FELLOWSHIP is for the benefit of young Doctors/researchers and fellowships benefit their training and eventually the experience benefits the patient they are treating or through research the discovery or improvement of a treatment to benefit the patient" Sept 2019

Ms. Radwa Gamal

Global Pharma Consultant, Zurich, Switzerland "This brilliant platform will support and connect healthcare professionals & providers worldwide. It's the professional network for medical experts" Sept 2019

Eng. Shady Taha

Director, IT Operations, Minnesota, USA "We live in a digital world and this platform is a significant step in connecting doctors, researchers and fellowship providers" Sept 2019