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  • Millennials in medicine - doctors or entrepreneurs?

    Think big! The future is limitless, you can be a doctor or an entrepreneur, or even both.

    Watch the video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kykj3k2wBXg

    posted on 11 August, 2019

  • Would you like to be a doctor on Mars?

    Can you imagine working as a doctor on Mars?

    Such a strange and interesting read. If humankind manages to make it to space, what will medicine in that future look like?

    read the full article here:


    posted on 11 August, 2019

  • How to do more with less in healthcare?

    "The US and the EU together spend over $4 trillion dollars on healthcare per year". The cost of medical care is increasing, but does this lead to better care for patients?

    watch the video here: https://www.ted.com/talks/jan_denecker_how_

    posted on 11 August, 2019

  • Why did you become a surgeon

    Why did you become a surgeon? If one considers all the demands placed upon us, we really have to dig deep and figure out if this is our true calling because someone's life is in our hands.


    posted on 04 August, 2019

  • We make fellowships easy

    Fellowships are extremely complicated processes because they involve more than just the fellowship, you have to also set-up a life there as well. These are some items you should be taking note of before leaving for your fellowship in Australia,

    posted on 25 June, 2019